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John MacDonald: Seat with a CISO

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Haley Regan
April 13, 2020

With businesses reliant upon a strong technology team now more than ever, we sat down with some of our area's most notable team leaders to get some advice on ways we can keep our data and ourselves safe while social distancing.

John MacDonald, Director of Risk Consulting at RSM US LLP, has a few key tips for staying ahead during the COVID-19 crisis.


Q: Our new digital life can bring new challenges for security and fraud. From a security perspective, what advice do you have for those who are working from home or trying to run a business digitally for the first time?

A: Setup daily stand-up meetings; encourage communication and touchpoints.


Q: Have any new challenges, or threats, emerged during this time? Or, have any old threats reappeared because of the increase in work from home?

A: Yes - cybercriminals are leveraging the pandemic to conduct malicious phishing campaigns.


Q: What are some basic hygiene, or tips that should be top-of-mind for workers and business leaders?

A: Drink water, walk and schedule time for family/kids during the day if necessary.


Q: Are there any products or services you’d like to recognize for their performance during this time?

A: Cisco is offering free licenses to small businesses seeking remote access. LogMeIn is great for connecting to the office desktop to allow basic functionality.


Stay ahead of the curve with more content like this from CIOs and CISOs from KC Tech Council in the coming weeks. Have a question you would like us to ask a cybersecurity professional or someone else in the KCTC network? Let us know! 





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