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Hyperloop Update

October 8, 2020

The Kansas City Hyperloop Team would like to congratulate the team in West Virginia for winning the Hyperloop Certification Center project (HCC), which is one component of a broad, exciting slate of proposed Virgin Hyperloop projects where our Kansas City Team has made a contribution. We are excited to continue working with Virgin Hyperloop, parallel to HCC, by building a commercial, revenue-generating hyperloop route in the Kansas City region.

We can confidently say the Kansas City region provided a comprehensive response to the HCC request for proposal. Our team focused on speed-to-market, private financing support from institutional infrastructure investors, and a leadership team of experts from the public and private sectors.

We know there will be future opportunities to develop hyperloop, and other emerging transportation technologies, in the Kansas City area. Our strong concentration of highly-skilled talent, coupled with our central location, supports this vision and reinforces our competitiveness for future industry growth. We look forward to pursuing new possibilities and providing the same support and dedication we showed to the Hyperloop Certification Center project.

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