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KC Tech Council Policy Committee Guiding Principles 

  1. Represent the collective voice of KC Tech Council’s 180+ member companies and organizations, from entrepreneur to enterprise
  2. Educate our membership on the important role public policy plays in the sustainable growth of the tech industry in Kansas City
  3. Empower and mobilize our community to use its collective voice effectively in supporting or opposing policy matters that affect the growth of the tech industry

2024 Federal, State and Municipal Priorities

Policies that Develop, Attract and Retain a Broad, Diverse and Highly Qualified Tech Workforce

  • Policy promoting immigration of highly skilled workers via STEM visas, comprehensive H1-B reform, removal of per country caps within the green card system and other reform initiatives
  • Expansion and resourcing of K-20 STEM education, especially Computer Science Education
  • Apprenticeship program funding and expansion to unlock tech talent
  • Broaden the tech workforce by increasing the diversity and representation within the talent pipeline
  • Technology retraining via reskilling and upskilling for jobs and industries displaced by new technology


Policies that Promote Innovation and Organic Growth or Attraction of Companies

  • Strategic (R&D, angel investment) tax credits while preserving the ability to deduct such expenses in the year incurre
  • Funding for state and municipal-level programs in Kansas and Missouri that work to attract and grow tech companies
  • Funding for the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programs, among many others
  • Intellectual property protection and patent reform


Policies that Maintain Appropriate Infrastructure to Support an Ecosystem Where the Technology Industry Can Thrive

  • Creation and expansion of a competitive market for data centers, 5G, smart cites initiatives and other emerging infrastructure technologies to grow in the Kansas City region
  • Uniformity of data privacy, data care and security laws to encourage innovation within companies of all sizes
  • North American broadband access and affordability

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