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Get acquainted with KCTC member Johnson County Community College and its Program Coordinator Sonia Akins. 


1. Give us your organization’s quick origin story!

Workforce development & continuing education courses not only enhance career development and deepen personal enrichment, they can also increase your skills and knowledge to boost job productivity and career potential. You do not gain college credit but may earn CEUs (continuing education units), certificates and licensures.


You can learn about the hisotry of Johnson County Community College here


2. What problem are you currently solving in the KC tech industry? 

Helping adults seek new workplace skills or professional development. We have courses and certifications to help you move forward.


3. What can we expect to see from your company/organization in the next year?

More grant and scholarship funding opportunities for unemployed, underemployed or dislocated workers to get the training they need to gain meaningful employment in the workforce. We will also have more in-person offerings.


4. How can KCTC members get more involved?

We offer a wide array of tech courses and we are conveniently located.

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1. If your office was The Office, what character would you be?

I've actually never watched the show


2. What’s an app you can’t live without?

The Weather Channel


3. What’s your favorite hidden gem in Kansas City?

City Market


4. What technology tip are you always giving your clients?

Restart your computer

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