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4x4 TeraCrunch Social (3)

Get acquainted with KCTC member TeraCrunch and its Founder & CEO Tapan Bhatt


1. Give us your organization’s quick origin story!

I am a tech entrepreneur. Having worked with top tech and VC firms in the Bay Area and Boston, I saw very early on that AI was the future of tech. With that in mind, I founded TeraCrunch to help organizations build value from their data with analytics and automation.


2. What problem are you currently solving in the KC tech industry? 

In today's fast-paced business landscape, finding AI/ML and Gen-AI solutions tailored to your unique needs is a challenge. Off-the-shelf solutions fall short, in-house development is often cumbersome, and most custom providers can break the bank. TeraCrunch is the Midwest's premier AI/ML/Gen-AI specialist with 11 years of experience building 150+ turnkey solutions, each boasting an impressive 5-40x ROI. Customers work with us because we eliminate unnecessary complexity and costs by using our proprietary methodology, perfected over 11 years. We offer turnkey tailored solutions in just weeks. Our team of top-tier PhD data scientists comes from esteemed institutions like Harvard and NASA. We collaborate closely with you to deploy and test solutions, working as an extension of your team.


3. What can we expect to see from your company/organization in the next year?

We will continue to build very high ROI Machine Learning and LLM (large language model) solutions for organizations that want to build intelligent applications and automate manual processes.


4. How can KCTC members get more involved?

Setup more AI-focused networking events with local mid to large firms.

Tapan Bhatt Circle Headshot


1. If your office was The Office, what character would you be?

If my office were like "The Office," I might liken myself to Oscar Martinez. He's known for his analytical thinking, attention to detail, and a somewhat reserved demeanor, qualities often associated with AI. Plus, like Oscar, I'm all about the facts and logic!


2. What’s an app you can’t live without?



3. What’s your favorite hidden gem in Kansas City?

I love Jazz so I appreciate the Green Lady Lounge.


4. What technology tip are you always giving your clients?

Focus on the end business goal, tech is a means to an end.

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