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How can my company participate in training programs?

There are numerous ways to engage with various programs, from mentorship to teaching. However, the best way to engage is to hire graduates. For some medium and smaller employers, this can be a reliable pipeline for future talent.


Is an apprenticeship program right for my business? 

While there are a number of factors to consider, apprenticeship programs are centered around reducing the risk to employers. Apprentices are not employees, so you can “try before you buy,” giving both candidates and employers a chance to evaluate each other before committing to full-time employment. In some programs, over 80% of candidates transition to full-time work with the sponsor company.


Are programs available to subsidize the cost of participating in various programs?

Yes! Most apprenticeships programs have access to the Department of Labor funding. This can dramatically subsidize the cost to participate.


Does my business qualify for the Department of Labor funding? 

The leaders of each apprenticeship program can walk you through the necessary paperwork to participate and register. These programs do have reporting requirements. It’s important to fully understand all reporting requirements and deadlines required.


What programs are best for re-skilling my current workforce?

The KC Tech Council remains agnostic to the various available programs available. However, investing in your employees can be one of the best ways to increase retention and reskilling your current workforce can be beneficial to your business. Evaluating what skills your employees and company demand in the short and long-term is the best first step before you being evaluating various programs to match these needs. There are numerous online options as well as classroom-based programs.


Can I share my open tech jobs with the KC Tech Council community?

Yes! We host a tech job board on our site.

Centriq Training

Whether it’s face-to-face interactions, working from your own office or training as a team, Centriq has corporate IT training options to suit your business needs.


At LaunchCode, we know there's no one-size-fits-all solution for today's tech teams. That's why we begin every conversation by listening. Whether you're looking to hire more talent and diverse perspectives to your team, upskill existing staff, or have a custom solution built just for your unique needs, we're here to make it a reality.

Online Programs Outside the KC Metro

Looking to contribute to CS Ed efforts? provides countless resources and valuable information on their site to support computer science all over the world. See how you can help.

Flatiron School

Whether you’re searching for options to train your team with new technology skills, hire skilled technology workers or obtain some pro-bono design work from current students, Flatiron has options for you.

General Assembly

Partner with GA - an enterprise leader trusted by 40+ of the Fortune 100 - to upskill and reskill your teams with digital mindsets, technical capabilities, and a growth culture that drives business success.

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