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Technology Resources

Technology Resources from KCTC Members

Need to keep business moving? Technology can solve that problem. Navigating your organization through COVID-19 likely includes navigating through changing infrastructure and technology needs. KC Tech Council member companies stand ready to help. Below are some resources to rely upon:

Business insights to bolster your response

As middle market businesses feel the coronavirus fallout within their organizations—from sluggish supply chains to diminished workforce mobility—it’s important for leaders to stay on top of the evolving issues related to this crisis in order to mitigate risks and plan accordingly.

RSM has created a site devoted to resources that can help you stay informed with the latest insights, ideas and countermeasures to minimize the outbreak’s negative effects, as well as prepare for future emergency events. Additionally, add RSM’s weekly webcast to your schedule to stay up to date.

Security is essential, now more than ever

Cymatic announced that its universal in-session visibility dashboard, Cymatic 20/20, will be available to SMBs, educational institutions, and not-for-profit organizations now through June 30, 2020 at no charge to help support newly remote students and workers as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. Cymatic Security provides a fundamental shift to traditional approaches to security. Understanding users as they hit applications out in front of networks at the earliest point in the kill chain has a tremendous impact in respect to efficiency and resource allocation.

DevOps can't stop

Our partners at Crema offer two fully virtual consulting services that can help projects and products move along at the regular speed of business.

Remote Design Sprints: A Design Sprint is a rapid, facilitated set of custom exercises that identifies key pain points, ideates solutions, and validates actionable next steps. Using remote tools, we're able to run these Sprints 100% virtually.

Agile Coaching: Our agile coaching engagements are designed to understand your product team’s specific situation, consider which aspects of Crema’s approach might be useful, and help your team move into a new and better way of working. This is all done 100% remotely.

Enterprise solutions are within reach, bundle them now to save in the long run

System Target can help advise your business on which technologies you need to prioritize to continue regular operations. The team can quickly implement enterprise cloud services like unified communications, contact center services, G-Suite, Microsoft Teams, video conferencing and more.  Many of these solutions can be up running and implemented in 48-72 hour turnaround timeframes. From Telecom, Contact Center, Internet, Disaster Recovery, Network Services, Hardware and more, System Target can devise the right plan, and their consultation comes with NO COST to their clients.

Free resources are great... but how do you use and install them?

Our friends and managed service experts at The Purple Guys can help enable, align and install all the various free trials and resources the tech industry is offering to companies. More on how they can make that happen here.

Content marketing is more essential now than ever... get organized

We’re all more connected to digital content these days. Our partners at DIVVY HQ are the leaders in content marketing planning, workflow management and team organization. Check out their free 14-day trial to see if this is a tool that can help keep your team organized while sharing great content with your customers.

Make sure your safety and cleanliness protocol is top-notch

Every day, KCTC member Safety Culture enables global businesses in the manufacturing, hospitality, construction and many other industries with the digital inspection tools to ensure safety processes are met and employees and stakeholders are kept safe. Check out these safety checklists to help keep you and your office (both home and away) up to CDC and WHO standards.

Virtual access to trusted advice across the business

From cyber to tax, the trusted advisors at BKD have created a resource center with Thoughtware on various topics business leaders are seeking. Updated continuously, it’s worth bookmarking and referring back to as you navigate the upcoming months.

Life-saving innovation

Dimensional Innovations is proud to announce, in cooperation with the University of Kansas Health System, KU Center for Design Research and Instore Design Display, it has developed a medical face shield to help combat the international shortage of face protection for medical professionals fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instructions and specifications are openly sourced and readily available for companies to access worldwide. The face shield, made of polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG), provides significant durability, chemical resistance and excellent formability for manufacturing, making distribution and accessibility widely available.

COVID-19 Insurance checklist

Unsure which parts of your coverage to rely upon with COVID-related concerns? Our partners at Risk Genius have put together a checklist to get you started, and offer some consulting services to answer your questions.

Connectivity wherever you are

CenturyLink continues to support local communities around the world and here at home in managing the impact of COVID-19. By taking active measures to help customers, partners and employees, CenturyLink understands the critical role of our network and security services in these times. From taking the “Keeping Americans Connected Pledge” to protecting our customers and employees, CenturyLink is committed to supporting your company’s Work from Home initiative. So whether you have bandwidth concerns or questions about business continuity, risk management or security, the local Kansas City team is here to help. And in case you hadn’t heard, CenturyLink had an interesting part to play in providing connectivity to the hospital ship U.S. Naval Ship Mercy. For questions about ways in which they can help, please contact Jen Kirsch.

Resources and innovation to put you on the path forward

You don’t want to miss MarksNelson’s COVID-19 Business Updates site. In addition to the guidance and resources you will find there, they offer many business advisory services that may be of interest as we come out of the current crisis including accounting automation (they can help you move to the cloud), BCP planning, business valuation, succession planning, cashflow analysis and more.

Understand how you're doing

Tanium's IT Gap Assessment offers visibility into the health of your IT environment. With the help of Tanium experts, understand the state of your endpoints, identify critical gaps, get your cyber risk score and walk away knowing how to drive improved IT Hygiene.

Discover a new opportunity

Layoffs due to the COVID-19 pandemic have affected a large number of employees. TeamKC is committed to raising awareness about the top talent now available in the KC region, and helping these candidates find employment and temporary positions at the establishments on this Employer Response page.


Take control of your cybersecurity strategy

SOFTwarfare offers two products that can minimize your risk while working from anywhere: KillerAppz and BioThenticate. Improve operational outcomes, limit attack surfaces, and reduce costs associated with API maintenance, security, and compatibility with KillerAppz, a purpose-built integration platform as a service that secures, manages and monitors mission-critical integrations. Gain secure and frictionless login experiences through BioThenticate, a next-generation multi-factor authentication solution. SOFTwarfare is currently running a 33 day free trial of BioThenticate and discounted pricing for KC Tech Council members after the trial expires. Learn more here.





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