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Meet Your New Top Employee

We know the tech industry is always in need of new, top-tier candidates, and it can be difficult to find them. That's why the KC Tech Council has decided to ditch the branded linens and company polos to connect you with the thing that matters most- candidates.


Be a part of our first Virtual Tech Career Fair and meet people recruited directly from our tech-focused audience.


A booth at the Virtual Tech Career Fair is $500. A percentage of your registration fee will be dedicated to marketing the Virtual Tech Career Fair to candidates in the greater Kansas City area, as well as other markets throughout the United States.

Benefits to a Virtual Tech Career Fair Booth

  • Build out your virtual "booth" with company bio, social media links, open jobs, live chat and branding.
  • Receive stats with everyone who registered, visited your booth, submitted resumes and view candidate activity and export all the data in a CSV file.
  • Chat with candidates live over video! Simply use your Zoom, WebEx, Teams or other link to connect.
  • Managing your booth is easy. You'll be notified when a candidate is interacting with you, and can do it all from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Interact with tech job seekers from the KC region and beyond!

Premier Virtual Company Training Video

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