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Explore the landscape of the tech industry in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas in this section of the report. An example of the many data points you can find in the Current State is below.


The tech industry is responsible for a 9.9% impact on the Kansas City region’s economy. Nearly one in 10 working Kansas Citians are employed by tech companies or in technical roles. Net tech employment in KC is in the six digits for the first time.

In terms of Kansas’ and Missouri’s year in tech, a tale of two states has emerged. Missouri grew its tech employment and number of tech businesses. Trendlines are moving in positive directions. Conversely in Kansas, the state was one of only a handful that lost tech jobs over the past year of measurement, and the amount of tech businesses operating in the state went down as well. But, Kansas did accelerate the amount of jobs being sought to fill emerging tech roles.


*This information represents a portion of the Current State section of KC Tech Specs v3. For the full report, use the button below to download.

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