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City & State Comparison

Like any rapidly growing industry relying on a thin talent market, competition is intense. It is critical to measure how we compare to competing regions and see just how the competition stacks up. A preview of comparative data can be found below. Download the full report to explore further.

According to the CBRE annual report “Scoring Tech Talent,” Kansas City had the seventh-highest net gain for tech talent labor among the largest tech markets in North America over the past five years. A “brain gain” is calculated by taking the number of tech degree graduates in the local area compared with tech talent creation in the market. These rankings can be defined as both a success and an opportunity for the region. KC performs strongly in importing outside tech talent compared to cities where talent is leaving in droves. In turn, it also means the city’s supply of regionally grown highly trained tech talent is inadequate for the demand, creating a reliance on importing that talent from elsewhere.

*This information represents a portion of the City & State section of KC Tech Specs v3. For the full report, use the button below to download.

__Brain Gain & Drain
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