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Resetting Our Vision

KC Tech Specs concludes with guidance to help employers embrace “The Great After”, the post-pandemic tech industry landscape. We can glean some insight on what might come next by looking at our past, and the tech industry’s outcomes after similar global economic events, most pointedly, that tech doesn’t react the same way as other industries to these events.

It will also be important to study the motivations of workers, since talent is the currency of the tech industry, and the industry operates in an already tight talent market. With upwards of 60% of tech workers planning to job hunt in the next year, talent liquidity may reach levels that we haven’t experienced before. And, it’s clear that the “new normal” is a hybrid or work-from-home preference among those job seekers.

*This information represents a portion of KC Tech Specs v4. To view the full report, use the button below.

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